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Hashtag Guide

Hashtag Guide

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The Hashtag Guide - Zero to Hero was created to help you finally understand hashtags and learn how to use them correctly to reach more people on Instagram.

Why should you use hashtags?
You shouldn't rely solely on hashtags to grow your account, but that doesn't mean they're dead or that you shouldn't use them at all!

✅ If you have a small account, hashtags are a good way to reach more people.

✅ Hashtags are a way to label and CATEGORIZE your content within the platform. They connect your post to a specific topic. So basically, hashtags are KEYWORDS that help Instagram understand what your content is about and who they should deliver it to based on user interests.

✅ Even when you're not getting reach from hashtags, they are working in your favor to help you rank on the explore page and get suggested to people interested in your content!

So if you 👇
- Find hashtag research an overwhelming and complicated task
- Can't find good hashtags for your Instagram page
- Want to finally understand hashtags and create the right hashtag strategy for your page

Then, the Hashtag Guide is for you!

What's inside:

✅ Introduction: What is a hashtag and how it can help your page (reach & discoverability)

✅ Basic considerations you need to know

✅ Relevant hashtags: Hashtag categories you should include in your sets of hashtags to make sure you attract the right audience & considerations when choosing your hashtags that make all the difference

✅ Warnings

✅ Hashtag sizes based on your account size (small, medium, and large); hashtag sizes according to your account size; small markets

✅ Hashtag strategy: Hashtag research step-by-step + creating sets of hashtags that work for your business and content

✅ How to check banned hashtags

✅ Hashtag limits

✅ Hashtags in the captions vs. hashtags in the comments: what is the difference

✅ Analytics

You’ll also get a spreadsheet to help you with your hashtag strategy! 😎

Warning: As digital downloads cannot be returned, we cannot issue refunds. Any unauthorized distribution of the Hashtag Guide - Zero to Hero is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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