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IG Content Calendar 2023 Edition

IG Content Calendar 2023 Edition

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2023 Content Calendar to help you post consistently on Instagram without running out of content ideas + build trust, credibility, and authority in your niche.⁣⁣⁣⁣

The IG Content Calendar is suitable for:

• Service-based business owners;

• Digital offer businesses (if you sell digital products like courses, ebooks, masterclasses, etc);

• Coaches/ Mentors;

• Consultants;

• Product-based businesses.

Do you feel like any of these?

😥 Struggle to create content & stay consistent because it takes you too much time to come up with content ideas

😥 Don't know how to create content that captures your ideal audience’s attention + generates engagement and sales

😥 Don't know how to build trust, credibility, and authority in your niche

⚡️Then, this IG Content Calendar is for you! ⚡️

What's included in the IG Content Calendar:

✨365 Feed ideas:
This Content Calendar was developed to help you improve your results in terms of growth, engagement, and sales.

It is sustained by 6 types of content (Educational, Informative, Connection, Inspiring, Engaging, and Entertaining). The ideas are suitable for all content formats (Carousels, Single Posts, and Reels).

Types of content:

• 1# Educational: Show your value and knowledge. This is a good way to show your audience you know your stuff. Good to: Establish yourself as an expert.

• 2# Informative: Spread awareness about specific topics in your niche and bust myths. Good to: Build credibility.

• 3# Connection: Community based-content. Make your audience feel emotionally connected to you and your business. Good to: Make your audience know and like you!

• 4# Inspiring: Content that makes your audience feel motivated (usually based on your own experience). Good to: Make your audience see you as a reference.

• 5# Engaging: Content that intends to generate engagement. Good to: Build a closer relationship with your audience.

• 6# Entertaining: Create content that aims to entertain your audience and make them spend a good time on the platform. Note: Entertaining content is not funny content. It could be, but it's not just that. Entertaining content is any content that helps your audience fight boredom. Good to: Make your brand more likable and enjoyable.

Note: Considering the personal approach, this calendar fits personal brands better than corporate brands (since corporate brands are generally unwilling to show the face behind the brand). 

✨365 Story ideas:

This is the best format to interact and connect with your audience + sell! I'll give you 1 story idea to post every day to help you increase your engagement and views.

✨Content Calendar Manual:
Manual on how to get clarity on your niche and purpose so you can use the content calendar the right way and get the best results!

+ Bonuses ⬇️

⚡️Reels ideas:
Reels are a great way to reach new people, connect with your current audience, and entertain them. You'll find some Reels ideas to help you make the most out of this feature & a guide to help you find trending audios.

⚡️Captions cheatsheet:
Your captions are an important part of your post & help you rank on the Explore page. I'll provide a caption template and useful insights to help you create a good caption.

⚡️Headline hooks:
Your headline is your hook. You'll find a list of headlines that will help you grab your audience's attention and get them to start reading your post.

⚡️Call to Actions:
Delivering value to your audience is a must, but you also need to ask for something in return! Use CTAs to ensure your audience takes action: Like, comment, save, share or BUY from you!

Warning: As digital downloads cannot be returned, we cannot issue refunds. Any unauthorized distribution of IG Content Calendar is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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